Feature in Shepparton’s Weekend Paper

Feature in Shepparton’s Weekend Paper

David Scott spoke with Spencer Fowler Steen of the Shepperton News about his near death experience as a stud horse farmer, which changed the course of his entire life.

Click here to read the interview in the weekend edition of the Shepparton News.

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    1. Hi Lizzy, sorry to be so long getting back to you. I’m fairly new at all this (that gives my age away, eh!) It is a life story, but more than that a historical story, of outside dunnies, where the cans were changed each week through a back flap of the lavatory; when milk was ladled into bill-cans from urns in the horse-drawn milk-wagon; when streets were gravel, footpaths the same, and gutters, if your were lucky enough to have one, were simply grader-swipes; and peppercorn trees grew on the nature strips. It is of growing up fast, after my father died when I was 17, and I had to take over the country circuit of cinemas, and later build drive-in theatres at Yarrawonga and Albury. It is all that and more. A riches to rags story, but never giving up. I hope this is what you wanted to know? David Scott

    1. Thank you for the kind words, they are what makes writing so rewarding. I trust my future books (a revised version of Butcherbirds Cry At Midnight – which will be available early in 2022); and book one of my Mesozoic trilogy, of which I am over half way through writing, will live up to what you received from Stargazer. Merry Christmas, from David Scott

  1. Well a new year looms and the authorities seem to have a better understanding of Covid and its effects. I hope all who read this avoid the monster, like I have. I line up for a booster jab in the new year. Hmm, I guess that means I’ve lost the vote of anti-vaxers! At my age, and with an asthmatic history, I take no chances.
    2022 will see my heavily revised version of Butcherbirds Cry at Midnight, and I can honestly tell you, it is a work I am proud of. I expect copies will be available by around March. For quicker knowledge use my private email david170543@hotmail.com
    As for my three month long road trip with my beloved dobermann, Raven, I am aiming it ti start in February 2023. From where I live in Queensland, I will head through Goondawindi, to Coonabarabran, etc and will include all the towns I haunted growing up – Cobram, Yarrawonga, Tocumwal, Finley, Berrigan, Shepparton, Numurkah etc. I will be guest speaker at cinema industry meeting in Melbourne (CATHS); and hopefully will include a ferry trip to Tassy to stay with dear friends at Spreyton. All in all an exciting few months leading up to my 80th birthday.

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