Stargazer Tour Postponed

Stargazer Tour Postponed

David Scott’s Australian tour to promote his memoir, Stargazer, has been postponed due to the COVID19 pandemic. The author is safely back at home after driving all-night in a Paul Revere-esque drive with his sidekick and trusted pup, Raven.

Keep your eye on David’s Instagram page for updates about new tour dates. And while you’re waiting out this pandemic, stay safe at home and curl up with a copy of Stargazer! Online delivery is still available via Amazon, Indigo and Barnes and Noble. Click here for links.

9 Replies to “Stargazer Tour Postponed”

  1. Hi David,
    I would just like to say that I enjoyed you book “Stargazer” very much. Particularly the early history around how and why the Melba Theater at Cobram was built and some of Cobram’s early history. I attended the Melba Theater at Cobram as child, teenager and young adult and have fond memories around this. I also attended the Lakeside drive-in at Yarrawonga many times.
    As a child I always wondered about your family’s house next to the Buncles and who built it, to me it was the most glamorous house in Cobram.

    Gavan Paton
    Ashtonfield NSW 2323

    1. Thanks for the great comment. Much appreciated. A sequel is in the pipeline, along with a renew of the road-trip in the future. Maybe 2022, if the virus is contained. David Scott

    2. Gavan, I hope I have already replied, but in case I haven’t I really enjoyed your comments – the story is life as I saw it. Hopefully, we’ll meet when I revive my southern road-trip – maybe next year. Best regards, David

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