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David’s days are busy: besides writing daily, he works at Griffith University as a simulated patient for medical students. Scenarios vary from dementia, where his character sees people in walls; to sporting a bandaged wrist from a supposedly chainsaw accident. There is never a dull period in David’s life.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about David’s life as well as his 2020 Stargazer Book Tour.



Stargazer provides a rich account of life from World War II through to the present day: The author candidly reveals the innocent years of a naive boy growing up in rural Australia, devastating events at South College and the untimely death of his father. At age seventeen he takes on the management of the family cinemas and drive-in theatres: a career spanning forty years, which included memorable times with Mike Walsh, Jeannie Little, Simon Gallagher and other stars of Australian television. After selling his theatre interests, David established a thoroughbred horse stud. A near-death experience altered his perspective and future; a change in direction saw him becoming an acclaimed playwright, director, and then novelist. David reveals a life well-lived – overcoming challenges, embracing simplicity and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Stargazer is a riches to rags story told with humour and pathos.

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Blood Tears of the Dead Heart

The body of a man with a crushed skull is found in outback Australia. Discovered hidden nearby is a letter containing cryptic clues to the location of a massive gold find in the  unchartered Dead Heart of Australia.

Greedy rumours fly, when a wife arrives to collect her dead husband’s belongings. Not only is the not-entirely-bereaved widow out for a take, but also local authorities find themselves overrun by those willing to kill for a chance to find the gold. Speaking of killing, who bashed in the victim’s skull? Obese Sergeant Gillings is on the case with the help of his officers and trackers. The roguish Bob and his lover, Chaenee, are on the hunt as well.

Australian Aborigines in the Dead Heart are on a rampage because strangers enter their forbidden territory. These gold-hungry adventurers have to fight each other, wild natives, and the unforgiving terrain itself on the perilous path to striking it rich.

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Butcherbirds Cry at Midnight



Echoes in the Mist
Butcherbirds Cry at Midnight
Has Alice Frikkin a Ghost of a Chance?
 Gathering Shadows


Butcherbirds Cry at Midnight
A drama of a family in conflict, set at a vineyard by the Murray River, and at Sydney, in post World War II.
Blood Tears of the Dead Heart
An action-adventure set in Central Australia after World War I. Murder, lust and intrigue at finding a man’s skeleton in the Dead Heart of


An historical autobiography that begins during World War II and continues to the present day.